Introducing Little Fingers

We are very excited to announce that we are Brand Ambassador for a great company Little Fingers Baby food, healthy home cooked food from weaning is something we are passionate about and stuck to the best we could with for both our boys of course there are always going to be times when jars are the only option but with Little Fingers Food these times are less and less. A bit about Little Fingers from there website..

“All our finger food is handmade and prepared in our kitchen, and then quickly frozen down to maintain the best quality, locking in the goodness, resulting in a better flavour, and a more nutritious meal for your little one to try.”

Our kids love the snacks we have tried and we will definitely be ordering more. We have tried the Apple and Sultana mini Cakes, the Squash Bites, the Lentil and Cheese Fingers and the Courgette Bites. Oliver loved the Mini Cakes whilst Leo loved the Squash Bites. 

Why not check out their website and quote MILES06 at the check out if you order. 

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