Just for Tots @ Butlins

We’ve spent the last five days at Butlins Bognor Regis for their Just For Tots event they run regularly. 

Over the next five days we will be releasing posts talking about our activities there. 

We arrived early Monday afternoon and after checking in went to explore the resort. To start with we headed to the funfair and Oliver and I had a ride on the Heltascelta (a first for Oliver). 


Later after we had got the keys to our ‘Home from Home’ as Butlins call it we went to take a look in the Skyline Pavillion and this is where Leo had his first ever fairground ride. He is naturally full of life and a little bit of a thrill seeker but we were slightly worried when he showed interest in going on the Car Train. 


As you can see he absolutely loved it so much so he wanted to go on the other rides including a plane one that went up in the air, which he loved to. 

That evening we went to see a show which the kids loved, although I think they liked having a Slush Puppy more. 

Once the kids were in bed we sat down and decide what we were going to do for the rest of the week as there was so much to do.  

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