Just for Tots @ Butlins 

Having had an awful nights sleep, I think mainly due to the excitement of being on holiday, we awoke on the Tuesday morning feeling like we’d had no sleep at all and not ready for the day ahead, the kids however were ready and raring to go.

After breakfast we split in two and my Keighley and Oliver went off to Football practice whilst Leo and myself headed to the Skyline Pavillion to ride some rides and catch up with Thomas and Friends.

Unfortunately Leo fell asleep during the show so we headed to watch Oliver at the Football Practice. Luckily, however, Thomas was on again just before lunchtime so Oliver, Leo and our friends were able to catch up with him then and they loved the show.

It ran for around half an hour which was just the right length and also featured lots of singing, dancing and cheering to help Thomas win the race. Afterwards the kids were lucky enough to meet Thomas and Sir Topham Hat and have their photo taken with him.

That afternoon we headed to the  ‘Beach Hut’ to allow the kids to have some time to play with ‘Playdoh’ which they did for almost two hours. The Beach Hut was full of tables all with pots of Playdoh on and various gadgets to make things. They could make anything from Ice Creams through to Unicorns, cut out shapes or put tyre tracks on the Playdoh, it was a great way to burn off some energy as well as letting them be creative.


We finished Tuesdays activities early by having a few turns on the rides and then having an early dinner as the next morning we wanted to be up early for the first show of the day at 8.30 am which was Bob The Builder, also after the bad nights sleep the night before we wanted the kids in bed nice and early so we could catch up on some much needed sleep as well.

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