Just for Tots @ Butlins 

Today we made sure we were all up, dressed and fed by 8am so we could go and see the Bob the Builder Show. Based on the reimagined show that currently airs on Milkshake and Cartoonito Bob took a Butlins Redcoat under his wing and taught her and the kids watching how to use certain tools safely including telling them to make sure they turn off the drill after use. This was done through a couple of songs and so hand movements demonstrating a hammer, screw driver and a drill.

The whole aim of the show was to allow the kids to join ‘Bobs Building Club’ which they all loved.

As it turned out Wednesday was our day of shows, what started off with Bob the Builder ended up with us also watching Playdoh Live and a Redcoat show called ‘I Want To Be’

When we booked to see Playdoh Live I really wasn’t sure what to expect. My initial thought was how can they have a show about Playdoh that will keep the kids interested. When we went along we were slightly disappointed as it was sponge shapes on the stage being carried round by people dressed in black. I was impressed with the fact that I couldn’t see the people at all though.

After the show the kids were able to meet Mr Playdoh himself, which none were overly keen on.

Following on from Playdoh Live we headed over to Reds (One of the stages that the Red Coats perform)  to watch I Want To Be, basically a feelgood show. It focuses on one of the Red Coats who discovers that being a Redcoat is not all that she thought it would be so she along with another Redcoat who is helping look at various jobs to see if they can find one for her. Along the way they meet Mike the Knight

Fireman Sam

Angelina Ballerina and Bob the Builder for her to come to the conclusion that the best person to be is herself, resulting in a fantastic finale that the kids loved.

That night we decided to have an easy evening and miss the show of the week ‘Treasure Island’ with Cbeebies stars as the kids were exhausted from another full day behind them. 



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