Decorating Your Children’s Room Part One

Just Before Leo was born we decided to swap bedrooms and ever since decorating has been on our list of to-dos. 

We have slowly started gathering ideas together and buying a few bits. 

So over the coming weeks we will start decorating. We will be doing it in stages due to funds and will be updating you as and when we do bits. 

We are all excited to see the final room and to share the journey with you. 

Here is a before photo to show you the room as it is now. 

We have already started moving stuff around and prep-ing the walls. 

As you can see the bedroom is really cluttered so we had a good sort out of the toys and took them to a bootsale.


Ikea Kura Bed (image taken from Google Images. No infringement intended)
The next job is to turn our IKEA Kura bed into a bunk bed so we can get rid of the cot freeing up more space. 

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