NUK Digital Bath Thermometer Product Reviews 


We were lucky enough to recently have a fantastic product sent to us by NUK UK.

The product they sent us was their New Digital Bath Thermometer from their new thermometer range.

This bath thermometer is so easy to use our three year old can do it.

Using the bath thermometer is really easy and after reading the instructions the first time we haven’t used them since. To activate it you simply tap the edge of the thermometer against a hard surface and wait for it to set itself up.

Once the display in the middle is showing a temperature and after you have run the bath a swooshed the water around so its an even temperature you then can place the thermometer in the water and wait for it to do its thing.

The average bath temperature for infants and young children should be around 34c – 36c.

If your bath water is higher then 36c then it will automatically flash red and you know to add some cold water.

Once the temperature is right then remove the thermometer and leave on the side to dry off, it will then automatically turn itself off.

The NUK Digital Bath Thermometer is available for a number of retailers and currently available online on for only £12.99 instead of the usual £14.99

For more information on NUK UK and its products click here



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