Decorating Your Children’s Bedroom Part Two: Converting a Kura Bed

Ever since we found out we were pregnant with Leo I have been googling space saving bunk beds. 

All the ones I did like were well out of our budget until we visited my brother. My nephew has the Kura bed from IKEA and my brother had placed a double mattress underneath while we were there for somewhere for us to sleep. 

It got me thinking and a quick google showed me that a few people have had the same idea of turning it into bunk beds. 

We have had the bed nearly a year now and have decided while we are decorating we would start the transformation of the bed.
There were three things we wanted from the bed

  1. To have proper slats 
  2. For the chest of drawers to still be underneath 
  3. A guard so Leo can’t fall out 

We have changed the plans so much from the original plan but we are so happy with now it was turned out. Here is the final bed and photos of now we did it. 

Before Picture
Creating a False Wall to Box in the chest of drawers and to shorten the bed to the length of the mattress
We covered the ply wood in White sticky back plastic to match the rest of the bed..

The finished wall
The real end on the left and the one we created on the right. Not a bad match if I say so myself.
The finished bed

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