Pampers Baby Dry Nappy Review

The lovely people at Pampers sent us a pack of their new Baby Dry nappies to try out and we Love them! 

 The first few mornings when I had forgotten we were trying the new nappies I thought that Leo had gone thru the night without weeing. There was no “baggy” nappy in sight. 

The nappies have 3 Absorbing Channels to help distribute the wetness so it no longer bunches up in the middle such a simple idea but one that really does make a difference. 

They also come with flexible sides for a more comfortable fit, as well as all the other great benefits you get with Pampers. 

The only con is I normally judge when a nappy change is needed when I see the start of a “baggy” nappy and because you don’t get this I have to remember to change regularly Lol. 

I would highly recommend these nappies especially if some one was having problems with nappies leaking over night. 
Written by Keighley Miles 

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