DIY Project: Refurbishing A Kids Garden Bench.

A couple of years ago we bought Oliver a kiddies sized garden bench. 

Well after two years of standing up to the great old British weather it was in need of a bit of TLC. 

So off to a well known DIY store we went to get some bits for the bench. 

Well the easy bit was the brushes, however when it came to what colour and product to use we struggled. The question was, Did we just sand it down and revarnish or paint it in a colour that the boys chose? 

Well in the end we decided to paint in a colour that Oliver chose which was blue. Shouldn’t have been a surprise really as it’s his favourite colour. Luckily because of he size of the bench we could paint it with a couple of tester pots so the price for this including the brushes was around £5 for the whole job as I already had sand paper at home. 

We started out by sanding down all the wooden slats, we should have really taken the bench apart but it was a knightmare to put together when we first got it and I wasn’t about to relive that knightmare after painting. 

So once we had sanded down all the slats I quickly wiped them down with a damp cloth to remove any excess dust and then the fun of the painting began. Oliver loves this bit and once I had pointed out that he had to do between the slats as well kept reminding me that I was missing them. 

It took us around 45 minutes to paint the bench and then we left it to dry in the sun. 
Next morning Oliver went out to check on the bench and called Leo out to have a look. Both the boys love their freshly painted bench and it should be good for another couple of years now. 

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