My Sunday Photo 16:05: Saying Goodbye

This photograph is almost five years old. However this coming Tuesday we will be saying a final goodbye to the gentleman on the left. 

That gentleman is my Grandad and boy what a Grandad he was. He was always there for you whatever the time of day or night. His words of advice were almost always right. 

He was the best a man could be and as my wife described him when he passed away almost three weeks ago he was a ‘true East End Gent’. 

My Grandad was the most selfless person I have had the pleasure of having in my life and boy do I miss him. 

On this coming Tuesday l, as I said we get to say Goodbye for the final time, but I know he will be there not only in my heart and mind but also the hearts and minds of everyone that had the honour of knowing the truly fine Gentleman. 

Goodbye Grandad miss you. 


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