Make Your Own Halloween Wreath. 

Every year my Mother in Law throws a Halloween Party for the kids and their cousins and friends and this year is no exception. 

With that in mind my Mother in Law set about making decorations for the party. 

In this post she describes how she made an amazing Halloween themed wreath. 

What You Need: 

  • Spider Wreath    £1 

  • 10 Inch Wreath Form £3.80 for 10 

  • 2 Metres Stiff Tutu Fabric £1.78 per metre 

  • Glitter Chenille Sticks £1

  • Ribbon (Left over ribbon from a previous craft activity was used here however you can pick up Halloween Ribbon from eBay or HobbyCraft) 
  • Hanging Halloween Decoration £1
  • Witches Hat £2.50 

What you need to do: 

1: I started by cutting the stiff netting into strips about 3 inches wide then cut each strip into 10inch long pieces. To attach to the wreath I folded the piece in half put the looped end under the wreath wire and pulled the two tails through and pulled so it was tight against the wire I filled the outer ring then the inner ring and used all 2 metres of fabric. Fluff the fabric up to create fullness. 

2: I then added some ribbon and attached to the ring using the same method I dove tailed the ends of the ribbon and sealed the edges by running a lighter quickly along the edge of the cut ribbon.

3: I wrapped the chenille sticks around a pencil to create a spiral and then twisted 3 together and attached to the wreath by just twisting the ends of the chenille sticks around the inner ring.

4: The spider at first was just going to adorned with a bow but I see the little hat whilst I was out shopping and thought it would be nice to use on the wreath. I took the head band off by just snipping the piece of material that was attached to the band it came off easily and neatly. I attached it to the spider by using the wire hanger on the spider I popped it through the back of the hat and then twisted the whole thing ( spider & hat ) around the inner ring securing it firming in place in the centre of the wreath.  

Ensure you tuck the ends of the chenille sticks right under so no wire is sticking out any exposed wire could scratch your door for extra protection stick your blue tac over the points where you have attached the chenille sticks

Total Build Cost is £7.88

Photos and Writing by Joanne Tansley. 

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