Have Yourself a Thrifty Christmas Launch

Welcome to this years ‘Have Yourself A Thrifty Christmas’ over the next few weeks we will be giving you ideas on numerous ways to save money and having a Christmas to remember without breaking the bank. 

Christmas is about family and making sure you spend time with your loved ones, but for some it has also become a time when it is a great idea to out do everyone else with those expensive presents. It also seems to be a time when people get more and more stressed  about what should be a fun time. 

Coming in this years ‘Have Yourself a Thrifty Christmas’ are gift guides including ‘Gifts for Mum for £10 and under’ and ‘Fantastic Gifts for a Loved One All That Cost £1’. We are also going to be giving you great craft ideas to help decorate your house this festive season and much much more. 

We will be using the hashtag #thriftychristmas so make sure you follow us on Twitter @2bottlesofmilk and on Facebook (search for 2 Bottles of Milk) and finally Instgram also @2bottlesofmilk. 

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