Every now and then there comes a moment in your life, where either forced or by choice we make a change within our life and the way we do things.

Some of the most noticeable and most common of these are things like getting married, moving house and of course having kids…

The Old Job!
Well between Christmas and New Year we had a change essentially thrust upon us as a family.

Late last year we discovered that our youngest sons hearing had gotten worse between hearing tests and the audiologists at our local hospital refered Leo to have Cochlear Implants. Well I was taken aback when a wedge of letters came through the door all with appointments for the Cochlear Implant Centre and this was on top of his normal appointments and meeting he has with his paediatrician, Teacher of the Deaf, Play Therapist and his Audioloists.

The New Job!
As a parents we had a decision to make, mainly how on earth are we going to juggle all these appointments with both working full time, my wife’s studies and everything else we had to do in life, like shopping and actually spending time as a family.

As of earlier this month I became a stay at home dad, we reached this decision to help aleave some of the stress that both of us working would cause with multiple appointments on top of that. It wasn’t an overly easy choice but a choice that had to be made. It is also a choice that makes a lot of sense for all of us as a family.

This year is certainly going to be a busy one, however it is also going to be a fun one and a good one. Its one that we will keep you up to date with our goings on.

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