Sunday Photo 17:01 Woodland Fun 

We have a fantastic woods near us that we don’t go to often enough. 

I’ve been going as long as I can remember. I spent many an hour there as a child with my parents and grandparents, climbing trees, swinging on rope swings, jumping streams etc… 

This is a place that is special to me and I’ve always wanted the boys to experience it as well. We went earlier this week on one of those cold in the shade yet slightly too warm in the sun days. The woods were a constrast between a boggy mess where we were getting stuck in the mud through to a frozen stream that the boys loved to look at. 


7 thoughts on “Sunday Photo 17:01 Woodland Fun 

    1. No problem. I’m aiming to do it more this year 🙂
      The woods are a lovely place and constantly changing as it’s also a working woods, in the fact they sell trunks and planks off from trees they chop down. Great place

      1. The weather hasn’t been the best for those lovely Country Walks has it!? , Roll on Spring and that warmer weather! thanks for stopping by xx

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