KidloLand Review

Every now and then new ways to educate and entertain your children come to a parents attention. Recently we were contacted by the wonderful people at KidloLand who asked our children, Oliver and Leo, to use and abuse their app and to let them know what they thought.
About the App

The app itself is extremely easy to use, once we downloaded from the App store we were able to access the whole app for £29.95 (although there is a free limited version available as well) and were greeted with a colourful app full of life and vibrancy clearly aimed at young children the age of ours.

The first screen you come across when you open the app is the main menu, it is set out extremely well for young children to find exactly what they would like to do on any particular occasion. The main menu is split into various big panels which all have different things to do, these include Nursery Rhymes, Stories, Phonics, Various Songs, Games, Weather & Seasons, Dinos, Vehicles, Animal Kingdom, Fruit and Vegetables, Numbers, Colours & Shapes, Months & Days and Christmas.

Oliver has been enjoying using the Vehicles area of the App. Whilst Leo has enjoyed the Nursery Rhymes and Colours and Shapes areas and these are the areas we will be talking about as it is unfair to review bits we either briefly touched on or not looked at because of lack of interest from our children for those areas.

The Nursery Rhymes

The Nursery Rhymes are split into 20 packs with 3 or 4 songs in each pack. These need to be downloaded as used expect for the first song in the first 10 packs. This section contains all the well known songs from ‘Old MacDonald’ through to ‘Miss Molly had a Dolly’ . The Rhymes sing with the words going across the bottom of the screen which is fantastic for children or adults with a hearing loss and they can use the app as well. As the rhyme plays the child can interact with it by pressing on various things on screen, for example in ‘Hey Diddle Diddle’ your child can turn a house lights on and off and also make the cow jump over the moon and a multitude of other things that Leo loved to do.

The Colours & Shapes

The colours and shapes are taught as songs again with the words going across the bottom of the screen and the interactive background for the children to play with whilst the song is singing. One of the things we liked about this part of the app was the fact that you only had to go through the download process once and it downloaded all the colours that are in the section and was available to play with almost straight away. The other nice feature is the way the colours progress from one to the other without the child having to press back and then choose another colour, it would run from Blue to Brown to Green etc and keep playing, making it a nonstop enjoyable experience for your child.


Oliver is obsessed with cars so it was no surprise when he came across the Vehicle area and immediately opened it up to play with. The setup it very similar to the Colours & Shapes area in that you download the content once and then its playable. The main difference though it that there are two Vehicles Segments within the area.

The various vehicles are again taught through song. The song introduces a vehicle and then explains what it does, for example when you watch the song on the aeroplane it explains what an aeroplane is that it flys in the sky and that people can go inside.

Oliver loved this level of detail and enjoyed watching these songs over and over again.


There are two downsides of the App that we can find.

The first is the fact you have to download most things when you use them for the first time, which with a almost two year old and an almost four year old who just want to get on playing is a constant source of frustration. However once its downloaded it is there to use without this process again, but this is perhaps something that could be looked at in future updates to avoid the frustrations we faced when out and about with no internet connection and an App that we couldn’t use due to having to download most of it.

The second is the fact that there isn’t a timer on the App. Pretty much all apps aimed at children that we have used have a timer to switch it off after a period of time and this feature on the apps is useful to give your child the feel of independence whilst knowing that you are in full control. This app could do with that feature in future editions.

As a family we would recommend KidloLand as a great learning tool for your children. Oliver and Leo love using it and we can see it being a firm favourite for a few years to come.

Is it worth the £29.95 price tag to use the full app we hear you ask????

The answer is yes, there is so much on here that we’ve only just started scratching the surface and has been fun so far….
To download the KidloLand app to your device please follow the following links: 



Disclaimer: 2 Bottles of Milk was approached by KidloLand and asked to review their App in exchange for free access to the full App. This review is an honest account of our use of the App.  

2 thoughts on “KidloLand Review

  1. Sounds interesting – I’ve seen this app pop up a few times but not actually read what it does. Sounds like it has a lot of great content.

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