Our Cochlear Journey!

So yesterday marked the start of our Cochlear Journey for Leo…

We had an appointment at St Thomas’s Hospital in London for a briefing on what is going to happen. Some of the information we knew because of already having a Cochlear Implant but there was a lot for me that was new. We have a couple of busy months ahead with the appointments that we have scheduled, and although I have a lot to process on certain elements of what is going to happen I know that this is what is best for Leo, if we are successful and eligible for an implant. 

We know that if eligible we are going to go ahead but there are some questions we still need to answer in our minds, they will be answered over the next two months, for now I am just going to read up on what they gave us and both Keighley and I are going to look at the different brands on the market that the hospital uses so we have a better understanding on what the benefits are of one brand over another. 

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