What’s In My Man Bag? 

I’ve been a Stay At Home Dad for just over four weeks now and in that time I’ve seen various posts on what a Dad puts in the Baby Bag or as some call it the Man Bag! 

So what do I pack for myself, Oliver and Leo when we head out and about? 

If I go back to when Oliver was first born almost 4 years ago I literally packed everything including the kitchen sink, much to my wife’s annoyance! 

I have however over the years realised there are things I don’t or won’t need, such as 10 Nappies for example. It’s been a steep learning curve but it is one that has also taken place more in the last four weeks then in the last four years. 

Now when I pack the bag I pack what I think we need for two boys and a daddy on a day out. 

Here’s what I usually pack: 

  • Three Nappies
  • Wipes
  • Spare Pants and Trousers
  • Drinks Bottles
  • Snacks (Fruit or a Barney Bear)
  • Spare Dummy

And that is it. 

If I know we are going to pop into a shop I will also throw in a canvas carrier bag. 

I’ve learnt that you really don’t need anything else unless it’s a full day out, even then though I don’t tend to pack much more. 

What do you pack in yours? 

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8 thoughts on “What’s In My Man Bag? 

  1. I have almost the same. Also I’m taking with me wipes which killing bacteria and I can clean toys and dummy and I have changing mat:)

  2. Pretty much the same. I too have a changing mat, though. Now that Little man is older, I also pack a couple of small books. Gone of the days of loading his whole wardrobe and the proverbial kitchen sink!

  3. I can’t remember much of what I’d put in a changing bag, but it was always heavy as I had to have two of everything as we have twins. I’d always put two spare changes of clothes in too! You never know when they’ll come in handy! Thanks for linking up to #ThatFridayLinky

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