Yikes! You’re Two!

Leo turned two today! Where have the last two years gone?!? 

I can still remember sitting outside theatre in the hospital waiting to here his cry or hear of news that both my wife and him had made it through delivery. The change at that point from being a Dad of one to being a Dad of two didn’t really dawn on me, however over the last two years I have realised how lucky we are to have two children close in age. Yes they fight from time to time but mostly they get on well and really care and love each other. 

Leo has had a life full of appointments for his hearing and although that isn’t slowing down anytime soon, (in fact we have more then ever) he is always receptive and upbeat in his attitude. 

Today we’ve had a quite Day celebrating his birthday with just myself and Leo for most of it. However at the weekend we are going to be seeing lots of family and celebrating more. 

There are times I wish he would slow down with the growing up, especially recently as he’s seemed more and more like a little boy rather then a toddler. We all take the moments to laugh and share and enjoy and those will be the memories I will cherish and remember for years to come long after he has grown up. 

Happy Birthday Leo. 

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