International Cochlear Implant Day. 

Today 25th February is International Cochlear Implant Day.

As a family who had a Cochlear Implant User in the household and also going through the process at the moment to see if Leo is eligible to receive Cochlear Implants this year I thought it would be good to look at the history of these fantastic devices. 

60 Years ago today, two French scientists by the names of Djourno and Eyres performed the first auditory nerve stimulation using electrical currents by placing an electrode outside the Cochlear.

In 1978 the first ever Cochlear Implant was performed by Doctor Graeme Clark when he performed surgery on Rod Saunders who has lost his hearing during a car accident. 
Now I know that when we went to Leo’s initial consultation and we were shown how small the wire that is implanted into the Cochlear is I was astounded by how tiny it was, it is literally small then the nail on your small finger when it’s all coiled up. So in 1978 this was a huge break through and an amazing achievement. 

The inner ear and how a Cochlear Implant is placed

By 1998 Cochlear Implants as we know them today had been developed and were beginning to be used in hospitals around the world. 

My wife has said that she would not be without hers and as we  journey with Leo through his assessment stage and then on to the decision stage that we know that if he is suitable for Cochlear Implants then we will proceed with them as they will give him consistent hearing throughout his life without the risk of continual hearing loss that he has now. 

To learn more about the Cochlea Click here

To learn more about Cochlear Implants click here

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