My Sunday Photo 17:04. Lego Batman Fun! 

During this last week we have had more appointments then I can count and as such although it is Half Term and both my eldest and wife were off school we haven’t had a lot of time for fun stuff that is normally associated with school holidays.

On Wednesday we had an appointment in London, the second in the week, but we decided to head up early and treat both boys to a trip to the Lego shop. Oliver had been going on about getting some Batman Lego and he had some pocket money so he was going to be able to spend that.

Unfortunately when we arrived at the Lego Store there was a huge queue outside and we were told that there was at least an hours wait. Now those that have kids will know that an hours wait for anything can seem like an eternity, especially if you are the parent of said child that you know will ask you every 5 seconds why its taking so long. With that in mind we made the decision to take the short walk up the road to Hamleys.

When we arrived at Hamleys we made our way to their Lego section, by this point it was more about making sure that Oliver could get his Lego Batman figures he wanted then the experience of a Lego place full of life size models and things for the kids to look at. Well imagine our surprise when we rounded the corner and came face to face with the Bat himself. Oliver went made shouting there’s Batman and also managed to get some Lego Batman figures that we then spent the best part of an hour putting together that evening. It was safe to say that in the end he enjoyed himself that day and he also got what he originally set out to do and that was a Lego Batman toy and this equalled a happy boy.


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