My Sunday Photo 17:05. Birthday Surprises! 

This past Thursday was Leo’s Second Birthday and for him it was a day of fun and surprises.

This photo was taken first thing in the morning not long after he had gotten up. Upon discovering that the front room had been decorated and that there were presents waiting for him he got excited. However all that was soon forgotten when he realised the Elfie, our Elf on the Shelf had returned to see him on his special day and had also dressed up for the celebrations as well.

Both our boys love Elfie and Oliver constantly asks when he is coming back to see us, so when we saw The Birthday Tradition book in a local shop we immediately purchased to without delay.

Leo had a fantastic birthday and he got a few more outfits to dress up in. In this photo you can see that his PJs are Woody from Toy Story. Well he got a Woody Outfit from Nanny and Grandad and he ended up spending the day dressed as Woody, including when we went to collect Mummy from work and Oliver from Nursery. To say I got some strange looks is an understatement, but hey it was his birthday and if he’s happy then so am I.



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