The Pioneers of Disability Sport.

I have often written about the Hearing Loss within our family and in fact we are currently on our Cochlear Implant Journey with Leo. So when I was contacted to talk about ‘The Pioneers of Disability Sport’ on the blog I was quick to agree.

I’m going to be honest as a child I hated sports and pretty much everything to do with them and for the most part now that I’m an adult and a parent I still don’t give much if any time over to sports. However I was always, and still am, interested when the likes of the Olympics come round.

As a child I loved the Olympics, I loved the hype and seeing countries in the world that would normally not have a lot to do with each other competing peacefully side by side. It wasn’t until the 2012 London Olympics that I became aware of the Paralympics.

When Channel 4 ran their adverts calling them Super Humans I thought they were being insensitive and a little condescending, however when I watched them I was astounded by what these people could achieve and I was humbled that my attitude to sport was so bad. These people regardless of their ability were just amazing to watch as they excelled in whatever sport they were competing in.

Having a son and a wife who have hearing loss has made me re-evaluate the world in which we live. Deafness is often brushed aside by people as it is essentially an invisible disability and I have come across many people who are just plain rude about it. However with people like those listed on the Infographic above I know that the world is moving, albeit, slowly towards making it a better place.

The people mentioned within the Infographic are the Pioneers as it states, however it has meant that the world is a lot more open and accepting then it was 100 years ago, hell its even more accepting then it was 40 years ago. Who knows we might even have a Pioneer in our midst’s today.

For more information head to: Bristol Street Versa and New Wheelchair Vehicles


Please Note: 2 Bottles of Milk has been paid to talk about The Pioneers of Disability Sport and to Supply the Links above. However what has been written about sport and hearing loss is a from the heart account of the authors feelings on the matter. The Infographic has been supplied for our use.

2 thoughts on “The Pioneers of Disability Sport.

  1. Some great and inspiring stories on that infographic. Just shows that you can achieve anything even with a disability.

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