Celebrating World Book Day

Today is World Book Day and like many families across the country, and in fact around the world, our family is celebrating it.

This morning Oliver got all dressed up as Finn McMissile from Cars 2 and was excited to show his friends his costume and to see their costumes as well.

I know from what his teachers have said that they have been looking at World Book Day this week at school and yesterday Oliver came home telling us all about how his class went on a bear hunt after reading the book. He loved the cartoon that was on TV over Christmas and loves the book as well.

In our house we love to read, Leo loves looking at pictures in the books and his favourites are the ‘That’s Not My…’ series and he frequently grabs them all off the shelf and sits there looking at the pictures and making up stories himself.

Every evening we try and make time to read a story before bed, its not an every day thing but it is something we enjoy doing as a family.

World Book Day is in its 20th Year of Celebrating authors, illustrators, books and of course reading. It has also been designated by UNESCO as a worldwide celebration of books and reading, and marked in over 100 countries all over the world. I am glad that we have unrestricted to books either through bookshops or from the local library, when so many in the world don’t have that same access we are truly in a lucky position that we should use to help others in less fortunate.

Whatever you are doing for World Book Day we hope you enjoy it.

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