‘Two Fat Cows’ Book Review

The boys were recently asked if they would like to read and then tell everyone what they thought of a new book called Two Fat Cows.

The book is about Two Cows (blindly obvious from the title) who have eaten all the grass in their field and decide to go looking for a new food supply. What follows is a brilliantly hilarious story of how the cows go about getting to this new food supply.

The author Nigel Tetley writes in a rhyming way that keeps children easily entertained and as a result the boys loved it and have asked for it to be read again and again.

“Two fat cows

Called Marigold and Petal

Had eaten every blade of grass

And even every nettle”

The synopsis for the book describes the book as ‘A new laugh-out-loud rhyming story for young readers.’ and laugh out loud it is. As stated before the boys loved the book and literally had those laughing moments. Oliver actually said that it was a really funny book.

The book itself is runs for 16 pages which is a fantastic length, its not too long that the kids get bored but not too short that it is a pointless story. It is printed on a lovely semi-glossy paper that is difficult to rip, so great for young children to look through themselves. The design of the Cows in the story are cartoon like and immediately our boys warmed to them and were interested to see what happened to them.

The boys and myself thoroughly recommend this book for children in your household.

It is available to buy on Amazon

2 Bottles of Milk were given this book in exchange for a review. However this is an honest account of the book and the kids responses to it. 

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