My Sunday Photo 17:07: Red Nose Day Fun! 

Now I know that Red Nose Day is two weeks away and that I am early having fun for it but the other day when we popped into Sainsbury’s we decided to treat the  boys to a Red Nose each and also help do our bit for the charity event. 

I remember treating Oliver to a Red Nose when he was younger and him having very little interest in it. 

However when the boys saw this years noses they both laughed and Leo immediately asked his Grandad what he had to do with it. Very soon both boys were running round the room and laughing their heads off at each other and especially Daddy when he tried it on. 

My Dad captured this shot of the boys and it perfectly captures the moment and the fun that they were having on that evening. 

The smiles on both their faces are plainly evident and so is the enjoyment they are having. 

I’m not sure what we are doing for Red Nose Day this year but I’m sure the boys will have a lot of fun, especially Oliver as he will be at nursery in the morning. 


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