OMG You’re Four Today!

Oliver is Four years old today, how on earth did that happen??? 

I can literally remember bringing him home from the hospital as a little bundle of joy that was completely dependent on myself and his mum. 

Fast forward four years and he is a confident, yet reserved on occasion, outgoing, sometimes mouthy little boy, who is loving life and everything in it. 

Over the years we have seen his interests change and grow with him but the one thing that has always been a constant, and will be for years to come, are his cars. He absolutely loves them. His favourites are the cars from Disney Pixar Cars and we are already looking at taking him to see the new movie out later this year. 

At the start of this year Oliver started in a new nursery which he loves and he has come one leaps and bounds since January. He enjoys going in every morning and there have been mornings where I have felt like he’s out grown the need for Daddy but then I get the hug and kiss telling me he still very much needs myself or Keighley there as a support and that’s what we will do as in the next year he starts school and develops more skills and hobbies that’ll set him up in his life. 

All that needs to be said is to wish Oliver a very happy 4th Birthday and may it be everything you want. 

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