An Unfortunate Side Effect of Becoming a Stay at Home Dad! 

I’ve been a Stay at home Dad for a while now and when I first decided to do this, apart from the obvious reason of the amount of appointment Leo was going to have, I was looking forward to spending more time with my children and also doing things with them like going to the park etc, I was also looking forward to spending more quality time with my wife. 

What I wasn’t expecting though was to be fighting various forms of cold every couple of weeks!

Looking back on my life I don’t think there has been a time when I have literally had cold after cold after cold like I have for the early part of this year. I am usually one of those lucky people who very rarely catches anything and thus very rarely feels the effects of a cold and as such I hate the feeling (not that many people like it, most probably). If I do get anything it is usually a sore throat and that’s it. 

However since I left work I have been on an almost constant battle that this week has resulted in me aching from head to toe, feeling constantly queasy, a raging sore throat, headaches and more. 

This is the part where I blame the eldest…. 

Having fun at soft play

Oliver is now at prep school three days a week and therefore he is probably bringing home lots of colds etc and that theory would hold up if he was ill himself. The problem is he hasn’t been he’s been absolutely fine not so much as a sniffle, lucky sod! 

So why have I been so ill??? 

The only thing I can think is that before Christmas we were under huge pressure at work and also as a family at home and the sudden change in life from constantly running around doing stuff to slowing down a bit to take Leo to his appointments and look after the family meant that things caught up. Whether that’s true or not I don’t know but it’s certainly a theory. 

Anyway I’ve decided this week that starting from next things are going to change. My diet isn’t always the best it can be so I am going to be eating healthier and also I am going to take vitamins to help fend off any unwanted germs. I’ve also decided that as the weather improves I will get fitter by going for walks, spend more time at the park with my kids as well. 

The one thing that I do know is that I do not want another sick spell like this again ever. 

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