Faithfull Decorating Products: A Review!

I am thrifty when it comes to decorating products, to be fair I try and be thrifty on most things in life but decorating products seem to be where I really like to save money. 

I will almost always buy the cheapest but best quaility I can find for the job, be it a roller and tray set from Poundland or the paint from Wilkos, I always try and save us some money so we can have a nice house to life in but on a budget. 

Recently we have been doing some major decorating in our front room/kitchen, which has required my Dad to build a dividing wall and a chimney breast and because of this the whole room needed redecorating. Well we were lucky when FFX Tools got in contact offering us anything on their website in exchange for a review. 

As detailed in an earlier post, we got to look through their website and we decided on ordering some decent decorating products that we can then use again and again. Going through the website we decided on the Faithfull Range of products which we ordered everything from except the paintbrush can holder. 

The first product I used was the Filling Knife. It has a nice wooden handle and is stiff enough to fill properly but also has enough flexibility in it to make sure the filler is nice and smooth against the wall. 

Leo helping to sand the wall down before painting

The Faithfull paintbrushes we used were part of a multi pack and to be honest as a result I think the quality suffered. Although the did a good job the bristles kept coming out and I have used cheaper brushes in the past that were better quality. That being said for the price the five pack we got were good for the money they would have cost. 

My favourite product by far though were the rollers. We ordered the roller frame and the sleeves separately and I wasn’t disappointed in the quaility of either. The sleeves were of great quaility and gave a great finish on our walls. As for the frames I choose something I knew we were going to be able to use again and again and these didn’t disappoint. The wooden handles had finger grins cuts into them and this made for a really easy hold on the handle. On the bottom of the handle there is a hole to which you can attach an extension pole, should you ever need to. Our ceilings are so low this is not necessary for us. Both the sleeves and the frame washed up lovely all ready for their next use. 

I would definitely recommend Faithfull Decorating Products. Their price means they are affordable but the quality of everything we used (with the exclusion of the paintbrushes) means that these are products that will give you a great finish time after time after time. 

These products are available to purchase from the FFX Tools Website
Please note that 2 Bottles of Milk were sent these items in order to use and review them. All reviews on 2 Bottles of Milk are a true and honest account of our use of these products. 

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