Would you Live in Pontypandy? 

My youngest son has recently become a huge Fireman Sam fan, we’ve watched a lot of the more recent stuff and I’ve even found the originals from way back when on YouTube. 

Whilst watching it with him I got to thinking that it must be a lovely place to live, it seems like a lovely small town with beautiful rolling hills and mountains surrounding it, also the sea on one side. Sounds like a lovely place doesn’t it…. 

However when you actually stop and think about it there are multiple reasons why living in Pontypandy is an awful idea. 

Watching the episodes with Leo the first thing I noticed is obviously the amount of fires there are! No matter how many times the residents of Pontypandy are told about fire safety they never seem to learn, in fact in one episode one of the characters Mike Flood actually says ‘Hang on! That’s my house, again!’ When he finds out his house is on fire. 

Then there’s the Great Fire of Pontypandy, which is caused by Norman Price trying to cook sausages in the forest after being told that no fires are allowed due to how dry everything is. The fire services response to this is to evacuate the town and go out to sea as they can’t put it out. 

Fires don’t seem to be the only problem that Pontypandy suffer with though, there’s an extraordinary amount of floods, avalanches and other natural disasters that people have to be rescued from on regular occasions. Add to this the fact that the residents of Pontypandy seem to have no common sense when it comes to not getting into trouble, things like not following your satnav when it tells you to drive into the sea for example, it just strikes me as this place would drive you up the wall and a place that I personally could not live. 

I know it’s only a children’s TV program but sometimes you do have to think about what these places would be like in real life. Having been to the Welsh Valleys and seeing how beautiful and peaceful they are I can imagine that Pontypandy is like this, however for the reasons listed above it’s certainly a place I would not want to live. 

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