Make your own Cress Eggheads! 

Our eggs ready for decorating, unfortunately only one made it

The Easter Holidays are officially upon us and as such Keighley and I are trying to find ways to keep the kids entertained. 

An easy one for us is doing crafty stuff as both boys love crafts and also making stuff. 

My mum made cress egg heads with myself and my brothers when we were kids and it was always a firm favourite with us. It always brings fond memories of my childhood and as such I thought the boys would love to make them as well. 

Oliver colouring in his egg
What You Need: 

  • Colouring Pens or Paints
  • Egg Cups
  • As many empty Eggs as you want to make
  • Either Cotton Wool or Kitchen Towel
  • Cress Seeds
  • Any other craft stuff you want to use to decorate your eggs. 
  • Hot Glue Gun and Hot Glue.

What To Do

These are really easy to do and can be as cheap or as expensive as you want. We had everything in the house to make ours except the cress seeds which cost 99p in our local Range store, although you can get cress seeds anywhere that sells garden products. 

Firstly start off by making sure your egg shells are completely washed out and clean of any eggy residue, once dry place them in egg cups for support. 

Then using either paint or felt tip pens you can start to decorate your egg to make it as colourful and bright as you want. (If you use paint you will have to wait for it to dry before continuing on with the following bits) 

Once you have made your eggs as colourful as you would like you can then use other items to give your eggs their own unique personality. Oliver decided he wanted to make a spider egg and asked me to stick on lots of eyes. 

Spider Egg!

We then used coloured pipe cleaners to make the legs and used hot glue to stick them one to the shell. 

Unfortunately Leo accidentally broke his egg by pushing to hard with the pen he was using and it exploded in his hand. So we used the next best thing for Leo which was an over sized Kinder Egg inner capsule. 

Leo coloured the capsule in and then asked me to stick the two eyes on and asked for the red bobble nose. We then used pipe cleaners to turn it into a duck. 


Once the outside of your egg is liking how you want it to then it is time to turn your attention to the inside. 

Take either your cotton wool or kitchen towel and take a piece small enough to fit inside the egg and then moisten it under the tap with cold water. Once this is wet enough place inside your egg. (Be careful not to break your egg at this stage)

Once you have done this the final part is to add the cress seeds to the top of the cotton wool or kitchen towel and then gently moisten them with cold water. 

Cress seeds

Make sure you water every day but don’t over water otherwise the cotton wool or kitchen towel will eventually start to smell. After a couple of days you should start to see the cress sprouting and within a week you will have your very own cress head. 

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