Character Clothing Review! 

Every parent knows the pain of having to find clothes for your children on a regular basis. For us with two boys,  Leo has inherited much of what he wears when Oliver grows out of it, however we also want him to have his own stuff that is new and unique to him, so when the lovely people at Character got in contact and asked us if we wanted to review some of their fantastic clothing range we jumped at the chance. 

Character specialise in childrens clothing and feature everything from T Shirts and Tops through to PJs. 

Oliver’s Clothes

For Oliver we chose two items which were a T Shirt and a pair of PJs. 

Oliver in his Blaze T Shirt

The T Shirt was a Blaze and the Monster Machine one which as soon as Oliver saw it he loved. As mentioned in previous posts Oliver is car mad and this includes the Blaze TV program. 

As you can see from the picture above the image completely covers the T Shirt and contains a big Blaze on the front and other characters on the arms and back. The T Shirt washes up extremely well and irons easily and it has become a go to casual top since we got it. It fits extremely well and although there is some room it’ll be great as he can wear it for quite a while. 

Oliver in his Transformer PJs.

The PJs we got for Oliver were Transformer ones. As you can see from the picture Oliver thinks they are great. 

The PJs fit well although they are a size bigger. We were advised that due to the material they use they are designed to be a tight fit (hence why we went for a bigger size). The fact that they are a tight fit is great for sleeping as it means they don’t twist and turn on Oliver’s body whilst he is asleep. 

They are great quality and wash up extremely well. They also appear to be quite hard wearing. 

Leo’s Clothes 

Leo in his Octonaught PJs

Leo received some Octonaughts PJs and he was just as excited as Oliver was when he received his clothes. 

As you can see in the image above (where Leo is striking his best pose) these PJs are like Oliver’s in the fact that they are designed to be a tight fit but Leo loves them. The quality again is great and they wash really well and have stayed true to size after a few washes. 

As mentioned in a recent post Leo has become a huge fan of Fireman Sam so the T Shirt for him was a no brainer really. 

As soon as we opened the pack Leo squilled with joy at having Fireman Sam T Shirt. The material is of good quality and as with the others it washes up well. The only issue we had with this T Shirt was it seemed to be as wide as it is long, which is a bit weird. It fits Leo well enough but I can imagine that it might not fit well on all children. 

We loved the clothing that was sent to us and more importantly the kids loved it. As a family we would completely recommend ordering from Character, the clothing is of good quality and for the price your kids are going to get a good wear out of it. 

You can order the above items and more from the Character Website
Please note that 2 Bottles of Milk were sent the clothing items in this post to review. Our experiences and comments are however an honest review of these products. 

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