The Grumpy Crocodile Book Review 

We recently received a surprise parcel in the post which made the whole house wonder what it was. It was addressed to myself, which made the confusion greater. When we opened it Oliver’s eyes lit up with joy as he realised that it was another book from Children’s author Nigel Tetley. 

Not long ago we reviewed Nigel’s book ‘Two Fat Cows’ and the boys loved it, so the opportunity to review a follow up was greeted with joy and laughter.

The new book is called ‘The Grumpy Crocodile’. The book is longer then ‘Two Fat Cows’ but it doesn’t detract from the story at all. 

The story focuses on, rather obviously, a Crocodile that is Grumpy due to the amount of sleep he had and as a result went on a rampage through the forest snapping at the other animals. They have had enough so they devise a way to stop the Crocodile from sleeping so long. 

When we opened the parcel Oliver asked Keighley to read this book straight away. He laughed almost always all the way through and also told me he loved the book. 

Oliver and the rest of the family would recommend this book. 

You can buy this book from Amazon  for £4.99 
Please note that 2 Bottles of Milk was sent this book in exchange for a review. The opinions in this review are however honest and true. 

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