My Sunday Photo 17:10; Your Kid Photos

There comes a moment in every parents life when your child wants to start taking photos. 

Years ago (when I was a child) it meant taking the risk that you would have a film of essentially useless photos that had no real meaning to anyone but your child. Nowadays, however, it’s not a problem as they can either use your phone or digital camera so you can see the results instantly and therefore as we’ve discovered this week give pointers and tips on where to aim/improve etc. 

This year Oliver has begun to take a real interest in taking photos and being proud that he can take photos. The above photo of Leo was taken by Oliver (a four year old) without any help or pointers on how to frame the picture etc and I think it’s a really good attempt at taking a candid photo (as Leo just doesn’t do staying still). I think that if Oliver keeps practicing with his photography then he will become very competent at it. These pictures were taken on our trip to Darenth Country Park.

Another of Oliver’s photos

6 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo 17:10; Your Kid Photos

  1. A budding photographer in the making.
    I can see a kids camera appearing under the tree at Christmas.

    When Buddy was small all he wanted to photograph was himself or his toys!

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