Decorating Chocolate Eggs

This is a great idea for children who are bored this Easter Holiday. 
Modelling chocolate or chocolate play doh is a craft Oliver loves doing with his Nanny. 
In this photo Olivers Nanny made simple flowers out of the chocolate play doh which Oliver then Stuck on to a Easter egg (which his Nanny made, however you can also use a ready made egg as well) using melted chocolate before cutting out some shapes himself to stick on..

To make modelling chocolate you need:

  • 20oz of melted chocolate (dont over melt it) 
  • 6oz of corn syrup which you can get from the baking section in most supermarket. 

What to do

  • Mix both together being careful not to over mix once it starts to come together wrap it in clingfilm and leave in the fridge to set over night the next day kneed the chocolate and your ready to go!! 

If you want coloured chocolate use white chocolate and add food dye. 


Warning it will melt quickly… 

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