Make Your Own Easter Wreath

Out of the two of us my wife is the more artist one. I have lots of ideas but lack the skills and confidence to implement them when it comes to practice. 

Keighley just after Christmas said that she wanted to make an Easter Wreath this year. Well this last week she did make it and here we tell you have to make one of your own. 

What You Need

  • Metal Wreath Frame
  • String
  • Hot Glue Gun and Hot Glue
  • Various Easter themed Decorations 

What To Do

Keighley started by wrapping string around the wire Wreath frame using hot glue to secure the string to the frame. 

Next using the hot glue Keighley stuck some plastic eggs on to the string to create a pattern. This was followed by some card grass that she laminated and was stuck on the underside of the frame. 

In front of this Keighley stuck to chicks and a ‘Happy Easter’ sign. At the top of the Wreath Keighley stuck a couple of hair bows which she framed with two plastic butterflies. 

Why not have a go at making a Wreath yourself, we would love to see them. 

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