We’ve Ditched the Dummies

Every child that has a dummy hits that time where Mummy and Daddy decide to take it away even if that decision to take it away is filled with a slight dread and fear of how said child is going to react. 

Well for us it’s been one week since we’ve ditched the dummies for Leo and it’s gone surprisingly well. Considering Leo started nursery just after Easter and seemed to have become slightly more dependant on having a dummy he has given them up quite easily. 

He now only has them at bedtime although he was ill over the weekend so had one for a nap as well, but other then that he has adjusted to day time life without his favourite companion. 

When we went through this process with Oliver we had the same fears but Oliver was showing the signs of wanting to leave the dummy behind where as Leo hasn’t been. However just like Oliver he has surprised us and moved on with little aggro. 

There has been one side effect of taking Leo’s dummys away and that is his speech. Without meaning to sound rude since last Monday he hasn’t really shut up. He has literally babbled and spoken almost non stop since, which is both great and annoying in equal measure. Sometimes you just like that quiet time, every parent will know what I mean. However the fact he is babbling non stop means that we have had a few new words as well, most notably his new favourite NO! 

The next big, and it will be a big with a capital B step is to remove the dummy at night but for now we are happy to have succeeded in the day. 

We would love to hear about your dummy removal stories, feel free to comment below. 

2 thoughts on “We’ve Ditched the Dummies

  1. Well done Leo!! i have heard stories from parents of children I have taught in the past, about their experiences with trying to take the dummy away from their children. Generally they are not stories as positive as yours 😛
    Congratulations! Take care. Carly

  2. Oh yeah, this brings back memories. You may have found your little one was going to talk lots anyway. They frequently do at certain ages! Our eldest just spat her dummy out at six months, never to be used again. It was her choice! Our eldest never went near one. Every kid is different.

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