Hearing Loss Awareness Week 2017 

Today the 15th May marks the start of Deaf Awareness Week 2017, this is a cause close to our hearts in our family due to the fact that both my wife and my youngest son have a Hearing Loss. 

Through the course of this week we have some fantastic guest blogs for you to enjoy, updates from our family journey and also some facts and figures from Simon Robb at Action of Hearing. 

Our guest bloggers this week are as follows: 

Living with EVA: An account of a family living with an EVA (Enlarged Vestibular Aqueducts) diagnosis written by Sarah and her sister Laura. 

Sarah blogs at Arthur Wears

Baby Sign: An Experience of Baby Sign Language written by Hollie. 

Hollie blogs at Thrifty Mum


Sudden Sensorineural Hearing loss (SSHL): One persons experince of suddenly loosing their hearing later in life. Written by Carly Sygrove. 

Carly blogs at My Hearing Loss Story

We hope you enjoy this week, however we also hope you take something away from it as well. Let us know via our social media or in the comments section on each post. 

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