My Sunday Photo: 17:15 Poppies

We have been very lucky in our area recently to be able to play host to the #poppytour 

The Poppy Tour is a selection of the Poppiea that were on display at the Tower of London back in 2014 to mark 100 years since World War One. The Poppies on show locally were purchased by a charity and have been touring the country as part of the 14-18 now exhibition

The photo above is a small portion of the Poppies that are on display on an old military pier located on the seafront. 

We took the boys with us to have a look and Oliver was really interested telling his mum and me that they weren’t real Poppies but fake ones but special anyway. 

In these uncertain times I personally think it’s important to remember what has happened in the past and remember those that have given so much for us. 


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