My Sunday Photo 17:17, Fathers!

As a family we are very lucky to have two great sets of parents and grandparents for our kids. Both Mums and Dads on both sides do a lot for us and regularly have the boys for us so we can attend appointments or have the very occasional night out just myself and Keighley.

Our Dads on both sides are great, they play with the boys non-stop when they are with them and on days out will make sure they are having fun, even on a trip to the park or the beach.

For me my Dad has always been there and we do share some interests as well which means we have a close relationship, we often talk about the latest episode of Doctor Who or steam trains or even on occasion politics. I couldn’t imagine my life without my Dad.

I know that Keighley has a close relationship with her Dad and I am grateful that I have been welcomed into the family in the way I have.

So to both the Dads in that we have, Happy Fathers Day and thanks for everything you do for us and the boys.


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