Sports Day Fun! 

Now anyone that knows me well will know that I’m not overly interested in sport, participation or watching, that doesn’t mean however that I don’t understand the benefits and therefore encourage my kids to be as active as they can.

Yesterday Oliver’s School had their Pre-Prep Sports Day followed by a family picnic and awards ceremony.


Due to the age of the kids (2 and a half up to 5) the teachers kept it relatively simple, in that the most the kids did was race against each other in a flat race and a novelty race. This however meant that the kids loved the morning and were happy to participate and then sit and wait for their next turn.

Oliver raced quite early on during the flat racing and really enjoyed himself, he has told me recently that he loves running and a photo we have of him during his race that shows how much he was loving it.

Oliver’s class then participated in a Novelty Race called ‘Changing of the Guard’, I should point out that all the novelty races were named after a theme which was ‘The Best of British’. I his race Oliver had to run and grab a flag and wave it then run down to a hoop and salute in it then finally run to the finish line. This race was purely about having fun and that’s what Oliver had.


The picnic after was a great idea and all the kids loved it as they were able to play whilst the parents chatted with teachers and other parents. During the picnic the children were all given medals for participating and they were all proud of them.

Although I’m not a huge sports fan I am glad that Oliver had such a good time doing exercise and not realising that he was and that is the best way for him to keep fit and healthy and exercise for the rest of his life.

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