Our Cochlear Journey Update 4

Previous Updates:

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Current Update:

Today Leo had a follow up appointment at St Thomas’ after his three month referral back to our local hospital for further hearing tests. During the last three months it looks like, from the hearing tests that Leo might well have had a further loss in his right ear, however this wasn’t confirmed today as he wasn’t testing well. Unfortunately Leo has reached the age where the sound and turn method doesn’t work anymore. 

What’s the sound and turn method? I hear you ask… well it is basically what it sounds like. The audiologist plays a sound into Leo’s ear and if he turns towards the sound he is rewarded with either, in our local hospitals case, a dancing (and honestly quite freaky) puppet, or in St Thomas’ case,  an image of a cartoon character on a screen. This works fantastically with younger children but Leo has done this test so often it now bores him after a while and he becomes engrossed in either the toys in front of him or pulling the testing equipment off himself. So today they have introduced a new way of testing him which requires him to hold a little figure and when he hears the sound to drop it into a pot. This is going to require practice as although he seems to get the idea of the exercise the patience of the waiting isn’t quite there so we need to train him to do it. 

Due to this stage we are at the audiologst has said that they are possibly going to consider a test called an ABR. This is something we really wanted to avoid as it requires Leo being put to sleep and electrodes placed on his head to get the readings they are after. Although this will get the results they are looking for it would have been better if we had been able to get those same results by the other tests. 

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