Word of the Week Wednesday #1 : No

Welcome to a (hopefully) weekly piece that we will be doing called ‘Word of the Week Wednesday’.

It is an idea that I’ve borrowed from Alan of OMG it’s A Girl and tweaked a bit to having it run on a Wednesday.

This weeks word is NO!

That’s right NO!

It seems to have become a firm favourite in our house with both Oliver and Leo especially Leo.

It seems that No rears it’s head almost constantly through the day in one form or another and it is driving me round the bend. 

I know that all kids go through that No stage but this seems to be going on for forever. I’m hoping that No as a popular word heads for the exit sometime soon even though it will probably be replaced with another word that’s just as annoying, but then that’s the fun of kids and them learning to talk. 

5 thoughts on “Word of the Week Wednesday #1 : No

  1. No is very popular in our house. Thankfully there is a period of time it loses it’s popularity.

    Don’t worry though it makes a return in the pre teen / teenage years.

    This jet lag has me all confused. It was a wednesday post.

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