Last Day of Pre-Prep!

Oliver on his Sports Day


Today was Oliver’s last day at his pre-prep nursery. I can’t believe how quick the last 7 months have gone and how quickly he settled into the class and their routine.

When I think back to how he was in the previous nursery, how everytime I dropped him off I had tears and tantrums to how he was pretty much happy to go into class from the off at this nursery, that in itself was a huge change.

However this hasn’t been the only change that has occurred within Oliver in the last 7 months. He has grown in confidence from a shy child to a child that is happy to try new things and is a lot more confident when he meets new people, has he recently did when his new teachers came around recently for the pre-school starting visit. He has also developed in other ways such as his writing and counting, he is fully capable of writing his name independently and also he can count up to 20 and also from 20 onwards once he is reminded that after 20 is 21 etc…

Both myself and Keighley are so proud of our little boy and the progress he has made even if we are a little shocked at the speed of which he has grown and developed in these last few months. I would like to take this opportunity to thank his teachers for all their hard work and fun times that Oliver has had in the last seven months.

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