My Sunday Photo 17:19 Tent Fun!

With the weather turning from hot and sunny to cool, windy and rainy this past week, I’ve been challenged to find indoor activities for the boys so they don’t argue or watch TV all the time.

Following on from my post about Teddy Bears Picnic where I spoke about the reason for the day was to challenge parents to either take their kids out for a picnic or build a tent and have one inside and the fact that Oliver actually asked for his garden tent out. I had to come up with an idea for a tent and quick.

Luckily we have a number of blankets and sheets that can be used for such a thing, although technically it is our bedding. I took the above photo in the tent once I had built it and as you can see the boys absolutely loved it.

The boys loved it so much that it was up all afternoon  and was only taken down again when it was time for dinner.

Have you built a tent out of bedding and blankets? If so we would like to see them.


6 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo 17:19 Tent Fun!

  1. There is something magical about being in a tent isn’t there? My kids still love it now (it’s one of the only times they get on!!) #MySundayPhoto

    1. I remember being a kid and having a homemade tent in the garden, don’t ever remember having one in the house. They are certainly a magical thing and are the beginning of many imagination adventures.

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