Trips to the Dentist 

We all need to go and probably most of us dread what we are going to be told, is there a problem that we aren’t aware of and worst case scenario is having a tooth or teeth out.

Both myself and Keighley aren’t overly keen on the dentist for various reasons and I myself had been for six years up until two weeks ago. During that appointment I was told I would have to have one of my wisdom teeth out.

However that isn’t the reason for this post, whilst I was lying there on the dentists chair I got thinking to the fact that Oliver has never been to the dentist. I know a parenting faux par but when you have two parents that aren’t overly keen on the dentist, then going isn’t high on the list. I would like to say at this point that both Oliver and Leo brush their teeth both morning and night and we are always careful as to how much sugar etc they have in their diet.


Oliver after his first ever dentist appointment, complete with sticker!


Whilst I was lying there thinking about this fact, I also decided to rectify this issue. Once I had had the news that I needed a tooth removed, I had to book a follow up appointment for me and then I booked Oliver his first ever appointment.

Fast forward to this week Oliver had his first ever dentists appointment and he sailed through with flying colours. On the day of the appointment he was nervous and when it came to the dental surgery he stood silently in the room and I thought that it was going to go badly, however once I sat on the chair he was up on my lap he then laid back when asked and  opened his mouth for the dentist to count and check his teeth. As stated he flew through his appointment with no problems at all.

Once we were back in the car afterwards Oliver actually said to me that he wasn’t scared of the dentist anymore and that he was glad that his teeth were perfect.

What are your kids dentist stories? We would love to hear about them.


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