Word of the Week Wednesday #4 : Cuddle

Leos speech has been coming on a lot recently, as I mentioned in our first word of the week one of his favourites is No however this isn’t his only favourite word anymore. More recently he has developed the use of the word Cuddle.

He will use cuddle multiple times a day and will say it both for affection and for getting out of trouble. The use of this word is most definitely a recent thing and one that both myself and Keighley love.

Leo will come up to you, open his arms and say cuddle at which point he will put his arms around our neck and give a proper little cuddle.

There is a flip side to this though, as he has also developed the technique of asking for a cuddle when he has done something naughty and wants to avoid being told off. I can see the funny side of that, but it is also something we are keen to stop before it becomes the norm for him.

We are so glad that Leo is developing his language skills and that new words are coming, it makes all the hard work with the Speech and Language Therapist over the last eight months.

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