Watering Your Garden Whilst On Holiday!

I would like to start this post by stating that I’m not the best of gardeners or even the most successful, however I do like to have nice plants and flowers to look at during the summer months.

However due to the fact that we have a shared garden I’m not able to have a full garden full of plants and flowers in the soil that when we go on holiday have a chance of surviving. I’ve had to come up with a solution that gives the plants and flowers I have spent months growing, including the Sunflowers that the boys have grown and chance of making through us having a few days away.

I looked at the various water filtration systems available on the market, however they all needed access to an outside tap, which I don’t have, so I came up with a system that didn’t rely on the need for an access to an outside tap.

I decided that I needed to store water for a time so that the plants can access it over an extended period. The solution I came up with was to use old plastic bottles as water reservoirs. I used old soft drink, milk and juice bottles and used different numbers per tub/planter.

Here is what I did:

  • I washed them out and took the label off.
  • Then I cut the bottle of the bottle off and threw that away along with the lid.
  • Once this had been done I then half buried them in the planter of choice
  • Then I filled it with water before watering around the bottle and the rest of the planter.

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