Word of the Week Wednesday

This weeks word is: SCHOOL!

Oliver starts reception next Monday and although he has been in a school setting during his time at the pre-prep we sent him to, the nerves are still there for myself and Keighley.

Obviously we want to prepare him for the time he has ahead and for the last week or so the word school has had more then it’s fair share of air time in our house.

He seems to be ready for school and is looking forward to it although we have to keep reminding him that he is going to a new school and not back to his pre-prep that he loved so much and I think that will be the hard moment come Monday morning when I drop him off for the first time.

As I write this I have just ironed his uniform all ready for next week and have been asking him if he is excited and he said he was and that he was looking forward to making new friends, hopefully this is a good sign.

With Oliver starting school this word is now going to feature in our lives for a fair few years to come and it is amazing to think about the last few years and how quickly he has grown.

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