Word of The Week Wednesday!

This Week: Decorating!

This week has been a really hectic week. Oliver has started in reception at school and Leo has started back at Nursery, we’ve also had or have appointments left, right and centre this week and I am starting a course this evening studying BSL (British Sign Language).

However on top of all this we have decided that this is a fantastic week to decorate our front room. To be fair it has been in the process of one DIY project (posts to follow) or another for around 18 months now and with the baby due in just over a month I have become aware that we need a decent room in which to live in with a  new born baby.

We have spent the last few months constructing a fake chimney breast and then struggling to decide on a colour that we found worked with the room. We decided on this about a month ago and have had the paint sitting in the corner of the room ever since.

Personally I do enjoy painting and everything that goes with that probably because you can see your progress and then the difference once its completed, however due to the fake chimney breast we built its been a challenge to paint due to the nature of its design, it is looking good though even if I do say so myself.

One highlight I had whilst painting was coming across a drawing Oliver had done on the wall when he was around 2. I can still remember the day that he did it and that when asked he told us that it was a car. Loved coming across it behind a piece of furniture.

5 thoughts on “Word of The Week Wednesday!

  1. One of the beauties of having children is that they are so unpredictable. At least you’ve photographed it before you slap a few layers of emulsion on it to try and cover it up.
    I moved into a flat once that had sharpie pen graffiti on the wall. It always showed through…
    Good luck on your DIY project.

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