My Sunday Photo: 17:26: Star Trekkin!

Tonight in the US and tomorrow morning here in the U.K. the first Star Trek series for twelve years airs for the first time.

The above picture is fan made and I don’t know by who, however it is the perfect way for me to show my love for a show that has lasted longer then I have been alive.

Star Trek at its core has always been about diversity and tolerance and in the world as it is now we certainly need some tolerance of other people, their beliefs, their views and their right to have a free and peaceful life.

Star Trek features a slogan that isn’t widely known outside of Trek circles which is Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations or IDIC for short. It is something that all Star Trek series have tried to stick to and mostly they have, lets hope that the people behind the Discovery also hold these words

true to the series as well.


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